Why Should I choose Italy as my destination?

Italy offers tons of different scenarios for your wedding: from the green hills full of vineyards and olive trees, amazing Italian cities to beautiful beaches. The top picks of brides and the ones that I highly recommend are: Tuscany, Verona, Venice, Amalfi Coast, Rome, Lake District and Sicily. If you are still not sure, you can take a look at the Official Website of the Italian Tourism. I'm sure you'll get great information about Italy there.


How can I get legally married in Italy?

In Italy, all the weddings that do not take place in a Roman Catholic church or in the town hall, aren’t legally valid. But you can still have other religious ceremony or a beautiful outdoor wedding by having a “symbolic ceremony” or a “blessing”. There are two ways to do that:

  • Suggestion No. 1: To make things easier, many couples have a civil ceremony in their own countries, this way, they make sure that they are legally married. Then, when they come to Italy, we prepare a “symbolic ceremony”. This kind of ceremony, in reality, doesn’t have any legal validation. This way you save time and money.
  • Suggestion No.2: A few days before your wedding, you can get married in the Town Hall here in Italy so you can be LEGALLY married. Then, have the symbolic ceremony at the location that you prefer.


Can I get legally married in a venue?

There are some few authorized outdoor venues that have the permission to conduct a legal binding ceremony. Civil ceremonies are conducted in premises designated by the city Town Hall; This is an Italian legal requirement.


Do I need a wedding planner even though my family and friends have offered to helps?

Yes. Even though family members have good intentions, your family and friends will mostly want and deserve to enjoy with you the BIG day rather than spending the entire party time working. Your wedding planners are there to watch over all the details and make sure that your wedding day is worry-and-stress free. Professional wedding planners also offer a high level of service and know how to prevent disasters and make sure everything is just right.


When should I start planning my wedding in Italy?

I highly suggest starting to plan your wedding at least 8 to 10 months in advance. However we can arrange last minute weddings!


How can I save money by choosing the date of my wedding?

Consider that the high “wedding season” goes from May to September, because the other months are cold or “rainy”. In fact, all the Italian couples want to marry in these months (May-September). Keep in mind that most of the wedding venues fees are decided depending on the month and the day of the week. For example, they’ll charge you a lot more if you want your wedding to be on Saturday or Sunday rather that a Monday or Wednesday. But if you’re in vacation, I don’t think you would really mind if you marry on a Tuesday right? And believe me, you can save a lot of money by doing this. If you choose NOT to get married during the high “wedding season”, you can save up considerable amounts of money. Let’s say, for example, getting married on a Monday in November. But of course, you have to consider that the weather is not going to be the best, specially for an outdoor wedding. Other important thing to consider is: August. Here in Italy, all businesses and mostly all the people go on Holiday. In this case, here are a few things that I suggest to consider: - Because it’s high season, prices double. Especially at the sea-side (all beaches). - If you want to get married in a city, the problem will be that you mostly will find all the stores closed and no one in Town. This means vendors are going to be very difficult to find. (for example, a “make-up artist” or a photographer won’t be available. If they are willing to be, don’t expect them to be very affordable.


What is the first thing we need to do in order to get married in Italy?

For sure, hire a wedding planner at your chosen destination. He/she can make the process of getting married easier, stress-free and give you the best advice in all the technical and creative aspects of your big day! Mainly, because he/she will also save you time and expensive mistakes!


Why should I hire Cindy Salgado Wedding Design & Events?

Mainly because I DO listen to all of your requests and make sure your personal dreams come true. I work on YOUR behalf and ensure that all your desires and needs are met! (often surpassed!) Furthermost, thanks to my endless connections, I can negotiate the best deals for you!


How do you work?

I work entirely upon client’s requests. Everything is personalized! After listening to your needs, ideas and desires, I will recommend the best suppliers that will most suit you. This way you will be given the chance to compare and decide with which one you will like to work. I will also give you all the invoices directly from the vendors to let you see that I'm not charging you extra fee, but actually making you save money. If you are looking for the best wedding packages, well... then my service might not be suitable for you! I hate packages!!! Why? Because you are unique! And your wedding should be customized specially for you. With my services you will not only save time and money; I will make the wedding planning process easy, fun and stress-free. I give 150 percent value for your investment.


Can I hire Cindy Salgado Wedding Design & Events just to take care of some aspects of my wedding?

Of course! As we mentioned before, I don’t do packages, so I can be involved as much or as little as you want.


Do you do weddings all over Italy?

I mainly work in Tuscany but yes, I happily travel anywhere in Italy!


How much does a wedding in Italy cost?

Every wedding, just as every couple, is different. So, the cost of a wedding in Italy depends on what a couple specifically wants such as how many guests will be attending the wedding, to whether plans are being made to pay for the guests accommodations. The venue that is chosen defines the price as well as the type of ceremony. Most importantly, the actual wedding date will determine how much a wedding will cost. The best way to find out the fee for your wedding is to firstly, schedule your “Tuscan Wedding Insider Secrets Consultation” (complimentary). I will gladly share this vital information with you, based on your desires and the vision that you have for your big day!