8 Things to Consider Before Planning your Destination Wedding in Italy


Is the thought of having a fairytale wedding in Italy all that you dream about? Then you probably are one of those courageous brides that want to take the leap forward with a destination wedding. A wedding in your home country is just not good enough for you, you are looking for that special touch! Whether it be a warm tropical location, or a cold mountain celebration, sometimes you can only find the most picture perfect moments, by traveling away from home. 

Here are 8 Things to Consider Before Planning your Destination Wedding in Italy, to help you get started with your destination wedding abroad!


1. Start with a clear concept of what you want

Pinterest, Instagram and Blogs are just a few of the platforms that you can use to gather up information and inspiration of what you want your wedding to be like. Creating a unique concept of what you have in mind for your wedding will help you to choose the right location and venue for your wedding. If you want a beach themed, barefoot-on-the-beach type of wedding, then maybe a big city location like Milan isn't the best option for you. So keep digging until you find the theme and location that fits you the best!


2. Do your research

Knowing the local weather and current news, is always beneficial to look into before planning your destination wedding in Italy. This will help you to stay safe, informed and without any surprise rainfall on your special day.


3. Reach out to a local wedding planner

Even if you have visited Italy on vacation before, speaking with a local wedding planner will help give you an insight into the options you have for your dream wedding in Italy, in terms of budget and theme. Having a professional on your side, can take away some of the added stress of having a destination wedding in a foreign country, and make the process seem far less daunting.


4. Assess your guest list ahead of time

Make sure that before you begin planning your wedding abroad, you have a clear idea of how many guests you will be inviting. This can help you to decide on potential venues, and also accommodation choices for your guests. Remember that there is always a possibility that not everyone you invite will be able to travel for your wedding overseas, so make sure that you will be fine with a smaller guest list than anticipated.


5. Plan to visit the location at least once before your wedding date

If you have the time and financial means to do so, then do it! It will be a huge benefit to you and your guests. Visiting your Italian wedding location can give you the chance to meet your wedding planner and potential vendors personally, test cakes and food, and see the venue in the flesh.


6. Pre-plan what you will be packing

Be prepared to pay that overweight baggage fee, because having a wedding abroad means LOTS of baggage. Clothing, shoes, makeup and accessories are one thing, but if you are planning to bring: menus, signs, guests books, electronics and decorations with you from home, this is sure to add up! Pre- planning your outfits and other items you will be needing for the duration of your wedding, will help you keep track of what you will need, while not overpacking with unnecessary items.


7. Get familiar with local marriage laws and regulations

Here in Italy, having a wedding in a church or town hall, are the only ways in which you can have a legally valid marriage. In one of our earlier posts, we spoke in more depth about this topic, so make sure to check it out in order to get more familiar with Italian marriage laws and regulations.


8. Listen to your heart

 Above all else, listen to your heart! No matter what anyone else is saying, or doing, this is your chance to make your wedding dreams come true. If having a destination wedding in Italy is something you have always wanted, go for it! It may be a little bit more stressful to have a wedding away from home, but this is your special day to spend with your loved ones, so make sure it is unforgettable!

Hopefully, these tips have helped you get a little bit more insight on what to do before planning a destination wedding. Make sure to read some of our other blog posts to get even more wedding inspiration!

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