how it works

With the passion and dedication from me and my experienced team, we will show you Italy in all its authentic glory. When working with our team, we’ll create memories that will never be forgotten.

step 01

let's connect!

After you have contacted me I will send you some specific questions to get a better understanding of how I can help. Once we set up a date for a video call to discuss how you’re envisioning your wedding in Italy, we can establish if we’re a match and get started!

step 02

Venue Selection & Confirming Dates of Events

I do a thorough venue research that reflects your dreams, personalities and wishes. I will not overwhelm you with location choices and will only send you the ones I am certain will be in sync with your vision. This service is exclusively for my confirmed couples.

step 03

Choosing Your Vendors

There are so many “professionals” on the internet and options may seem endless, but I’ve done all the tedious work for you and hand-picked vendors who meet my high standards and go above and beyond what they’re asked to do.

step 04

Details, Details, Details!

The details make all the difference! I’ll guide you through each phase and tell you what needs to be done and when. If you have an idea, no matter how extravagant, I want to hear it. Let’s bring to life all your dreams!

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