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I was born and raised in Mexico with a passion for travel and exploring different cultures and have had a fascination for planning weddings since before I started designing them in 2001. I developed my organizational and planning skills while working for 3M after graduating with a degree in International Business. When I moved to irresistible Italy, I just knew with this country as my setting, I had to be a Wedding Planner again and opened “Cindy Salgado Wedding Designs & Events” in Tuscany.

I’m fluent in English, Italian, Spanish, Pasta, Pizza and Wine, and can communicate easily and clearly with couples and vendors to ensure the wedding planning is a worry-free process.

It can be intimidating having a wedding in a different country, with the many barriers and particularities, but I handle all the technicalities to ensure my clients only arrive at their wedding to have a blast and make unforgettable memories!

My Italian love story

People ask me, “how did you end up in Italy?” It’s a story of an Italian romance, tragic goodbyes, and a fairy-tale happy ending.

I decided to take a break before starting college to travel to Florence, Italy. It seemed like such a romantic and fashionable city, where I was sure everyone would speak English. It turned out no one spoke very much English but used a lot of hand gestures. Every time someone said, “Ciao,” I wasn’t sure if they were saying hello or goodbye and I also learned that no one eats spaghetti and meatballs!

One night we went to a bar called “Le Murate” and I met a cute Italian man who knew only two sentences in English. I didn’t know any Italian, but fortunately, Spanish is similar enough and we were able to communicate.

Andrea was fun, handsome and made me laugh and we quickly fell in love. After almost a year together, the fairytale came to an end when I returned to Mexico.

Six years passed and I finished college and started working. Then one day I got an email from Andrea and my heart was beating out of my chest. He asked me to join him for a vacation in August and surprised me with a trip to Greece! The month was over too soon and so was my love story (again!)

Andrea told me before I left “Cindy, we are not kids anymore and you don’t live around the corner; so you have to make a decision: take that plane back to Mexico and our love will end forever (drama!) or decide to stay with me.”

A few months later, I came back to Italy with nothing but my luggage and married the love of my life.

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