I work with couples that are looking forward to a real, live Tuscan wedding experience which spans over 3 luxurious days, where they are surrounded by their family and closest friends, as well as amazing food and only the best wine.

A Tuscan wedding experience is perfect for the couple who is in love with the Italian culture and its romantic atmosphere. What I love most about my job is that I get to experience so many different weddings! And because of this, everything involved in the wedding planning process is custom to each couple.

Personally, I hate wedding packages. Why? Because, I believe you are a unique couple! You have your own, specific vision for your dream wedding in Tuscany. With that said, I can be involved as much or as little as you choose.

Maybe, you just need help with a few aspects of your wedding, or maybe you want to enjoy the luxury of free time and not stress about one moment over any detail of your big day. There’s absolutely no minimum or maximum whatsoever.


How does it work?

 In order to get the ball rolling, the first thing you need to do is to schedule your “Tuscan Wedding Insider Secrets Consultation” (complimentary) with me and I will answer you back within 24/48 hours.

Then, we will have a friendly chat, about 20 minutes by phone, Skype, or Google hangout and you will let me know your specific preferences so I can understand your exact vision for your big day.

After our call, I will ease your mind and we will find out if we're the right match.

Remember, this consultation is only for couples that are serious about having an authentic Tuscan wedding experience. If it sounds like you, contact me here