A "Toscana Calabrese" welcome party where the spirit of Calabria meets the beauty of Tuscany, setting the stage for Gabrielle & Frank's unforgettable celebration.
In the picturesque landscapes of Tuscany, Gabrielle & Frank's "Toscana Calabrese" welcome dinner perfectly blended their American, Scottish, Cuban and Italian heritages. This unforgettable evening, orchestrated by our expert team, set the stage for their wedding in Italy, offering a vibrant celebration of culture and family. The event featured a traditional Calabrian band, bringing the hills of Tuscany to life with music and dance, while guests indulged in authentic Calabrian cuisine paired with fine Scotch. The decor, inspired by Calabria, included unique elements like onions, peppers, cacti, and garlic, creating an immersive atmosphere. Highlights included a Prosecco "Ape Van" and a beautifully crafted cactus escort card table with elegant calligraphy. Adding a touch of whimsy, Pietro, a charming donkey, mingled with guests, creating joyful memories. This welcome dinner was not just an event but a celebration of Gabrielle & Frank's love story, embodying the essence of what makes weddings in Italy truly magical.
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