I hope you liked my last post, where I shared 5 common mistakes couples make at weddings and how to avoid them. If you missed it, check it out here.

Continuing on from my latest post, here are more wedding mistakes couples make, and how to avoid them, for a smoother and more enjoyable wedding experience:

Mistake #6 – Women and Heels:

Stiletto, kitten, prism, spool, wedge, pumps, slingback, platform, and sandals are just a few of the many shoe styles women have to choose from. And most of us, if not all, will wear one or the other to a wedding.

Although at the beginning of the event, things look positive, and we feel fabulous, as the day progresses, we are almost certain that those Christian Louboutins will be the death of us.

This painful experience can be a huge annoyance, and in turn, taking away a lot of the fun from the wedding experience… We have all been there!

Since most women guests at a wedding will wear some form of heeled shoe, offering them some fat shoes at some point of the wedding, can be a life saver!

These replacement shoes can be flip flops, slippers or fat pumps, and can even be customized to match your specific theme! As well as giving guests these comfy slip ons, heel stoppers can also be useful, if your wedding venue has grass, soft ground, or materials that can damage heeled shoes.

Mistake #7 – Speeches:

Speeches are a special part of any wedding. Throughout my career, I have heard plenty of beautiful and touching speeches, and I have found that the best ones are
always the short and fun ones! A big tip for those who will be giving a speech on the wedding day, is to always read the speech before hand, and enjoy the experience.

Try to stick to a time limit, in order to give the next speech giver time to speak, and cap the amount of speeches given, as too many speeches can take too much time from other wedding activities.

Mistake #8 – Outdoor weddings:

Outdoor weddings are simply beautiful, (especially, outdoor weddings in the charming province of Tuscany!) On the other hand, having an outdoor wedding can spell discomfort, with: itching, sweating or freezing. To help with these mishaps, make sure that you are prepared for an outdoor wedding, and can give your guests items to help with the outdoor environment. Provide fans or parasols- if it will be hot. Scarves or shawls- if it will be cold. As well as insect repellant to keep any mosquitoes at bay. This will ensure an enjoyable time for you and your guests, no matter what the conditions.

Mistake #9 – Quantity and Quality of the food:

This part is super important! I think it is essential to prioritize the food at your wedding at all costs. This is because, after the ceremony, people are starving, and as soon as they see food, they will head for it straight away. If guests
finish their meal in the first 5 minutes of the dinner, with no full stomachs to show for it, is a huge wedding mistake! Make sure that there is enough food for everyone, and enough to full them up!

It is not just the quantity of the food, but the quality of it as well. Have you ever gone to a wedding where they served beef, fish, or chicken, and everything tasted like plastic? In this case, you would find yourself more hungry after you ate than before you ate. Since the catering is a large part of your wedding budget, make sure that you choose the right food, and hire
professionals that will serve you lots of food, with great quality!

Mistake #10 – I don’t need a wedding professional, my family/friend will do it:

Even though your family or friends might have good intensions, there are two possibilities here:

1) They are not wedding professionals: Planning a wedding takes a lot of work. They might have some great ideas, but if they do not have wedding planning experience or expertise, they may not be able to deliver the wedding experience that you want. Not only can the quality of your big day be in jeopardy, but the enjoyment of that particular friend or family member can also be greatly diminished on your wedding day. Last minute incidents are a wedding planners norm, and if you give this task to a non- professional, you could create a great risk of a wedding disaster!

2) Your Friends and Family might work in the wedding industry: They might have the know-how, but it may not be fair to make them work on your wedding day. They deserve to enjoy your special day and celebrate with you for this once in a life time experience. As well as this, when friends and family are concerned, it may be difficult to truthfully voice your opinion when suggestions are made for your wedding day. Not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings, or change their designs for your big day, may leave you with a wedding experience that isn’t completely yours, and something you may regret later on.

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