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5 Classic Italian Desserts for your Wedding

Do you know how outrageously delicious Italian desserts are? Imagine how dainty could be an Italian wedding cake buffet table! You are not restricted to serving only cake, just because it’s a wedding. I actually recommend enhancing your Italian experience with a …

Unique wedding gifts to surprise your guests

When it comes to your destination wedding gifts, you want to make your guests feel spoiled and taken care of but also not add more weight or worries about their luggage on the way back home. To surprise your family and friends …

The Ultimate Guide of Tuscan wines ideal for your wedding

Tuscany is world-famous for its wines with areas like Chianti and Siena, that have so many traditional wineries you can choose from. For your destination wedding in Tuscany, going with local wines and liquors is probably your best option, as their high-quality …

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