Planning a destination wedding is a big undertaking, and usually has lots of work involved, and often times, deciding on the location can be the most difficult task a couple has to make in the planning phase of their wedding. This is because, when deciding on a destination wedding location there are so many factors to take into consideration; how far it is for you and your guests to travel, how economic is it to get married there and if it is a location provides for your dream wedding needs! There are countless of beautiful locations to say “I Do”, but there is only one place that has these 5 fabulous reasons, and that is: TUSCANY.


There are so many diverse location options for you and your loved one to choose from in Tuscany, to fit your specific budget and personality. If you dream of a traditional marriage, a church service could be the fit for you, if you prefer a typical Italian celebration, a villa or castle nestled amongst Tuscan vineyards, would be your perfect location, and if you wish to have a city wedding, there are plenty of top hotels, restaurants and famous Italian landmarks that could suit you. The options are endless, and you are sure to find something to fit exactly what you envision for your dream wedding, here in Tuscany!


If you are looking for romance, then look no further! When you step off the plane in a typical Tuscan city like Florence or Lucca, you can feel the romantic and magnetic energy that has brought thousands of couples from all over the world here, each year, just to experience! Taking a stroll along the Arno in Florence, or eating your favorite gelato while sightseeing in Siena, Tuscany celebrates love and romance, which you can feel everywhere you go.


Tuscany is actually a lot more affordable than you may think, and this is primarily dependent on the savings that a wedding planner can get you. A wedding planner can save you a considerable amount of money, from the cost savings on food, accommodation, and all vendors involved, working to get you the best bang for your buck! So think of your savings and wedding planner as a bonus….icing on the cake!


Tuscany is filled with abundant history, that can be seen around every corner, from historical sites, monuments, and breathtaking buildings; Florence, Pisa, Siena and San Gimignano are just a few of the history packed cities in this beautiful region. Making Tuscany the perfect destination wedding location for any history buff, or those looking to incorporate a bit of history into their special day.


Producing around 80% of Italy’s red wine, Tuscany is the motherland of the Chianti Classico, and many other delicious wines, that can be found here. This makes it the ideal place for those who love to enjoy the good things in life, and is a playground for any wine connoisseur!

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