All you need to know about beauty, hair and makeup for your wedding in Italy

What do you need to know about beauty, hair, and make-up for your wedding in Italy? With 13+ years of experience in weddings, I have seen lots of brides and I have some valuable insights about the best practices and the things to avoid. 

If you wanted to read about the best hairstyle or makeup for your wedding day, that’s not what this post is about. The styles depend on the wedding type and location and on your personal taste. It’s like perfume, only you know what will make your eyes shine on your special day. What I can tell you is how to handle this part of the wedding organization to make sure you really like yourself on your wedding day and in photos or videos.


Always have a hair and makeup trial

Even if you arrive in Italy just a couple of days before the wedding, take your time to make a proper make-up and hair trial. The make-up artists always start from a “nude” look and add layers to see what you like more, so on the wedding day, they will know what to do and what colors to use.

It is very important to feel comfortable in your own skin on your wedding day, so please don’t skip this part! A happy bride is the bride who likes her reflection in the mirror.


Use resistant makeup

The make-up must be resistant to hugs and kisses since everyone will want to congratulate you on your wedding day. 

After the trial, keep the makeup on for the whole day to see how you will look at the end of your wedding day. If you are not satisfied with the results, contact the makeup artist, so she can make the necessary adjustments.

Bring some photos for inspiration

While it is a great idea to have some photos for inspiration, consider that not necessarily the things you see in a photo will look great on you. So trust your hairstylist and make-up artist and use the photos as a basis, not as a final aim. 

This is a creative process, so you may discover many things you had no idea about in the beginning. Enjoy it and have fun. 


Use hair extensions

Your natural hair might be amazing but hair extensions give that extra volume that will make you look even more fabulous. Currently, hair professionals make them look natural as if they were your own hair, so no one will suspect anything. They are also natural and easy to apply and to take off, an important part after the wedding when the couple is tired and just want to rest and to enjoy their time together.

If you want fake lashes, make sure you use good quality and natural ones and choose the best professionals to apply them.


The change of your bridal look should be easy

If you want to make a change in your look, make sure it doesn’t take another 2 hours to make instead of enjoying your reception with your beloved ones. Don’t make radical changes in your hairstyle or make-up palette, keep it simple. 

Trust me, every moment of your wedding day is precious, you don’t want to waste it during the change of the bridal look.


Consider the timing

If the maids of honor need makeup and hairstylist too, consider half an hour for each person. The bride must have her own stylist and make-up artist, if she finishes early, the stylist might take care of the bridesmaids or relatives. Organize shifts in advance and make this process with your bridesmaids funny. 

Make sure there will be prosecco and something to eat, so you can chat while everybody is getting beautiful hair and amazing makeup.

At a certain point, usually after the ceremony and before the reception, you might need a retouch. Make sure the makeup artist knows the timing and has enough time to do it. 

Don’t experiment before the wedding

If you want to get an eyebrow tattoo, spend your first day at the beach or do any new beauty procedure, try it at least one month before the wedding. Even a new way of face depilation can create an unexpected effect and ruin your wedding day photos, so be very careful. 

If you love sunbathing, make sure the swimming suit doesn’t leave anesthetic white marks that will contrast with your wedding dress. The makeup artists can’t work on the decollete area without risking staining the wedding dress, so take care of this part if your wedding is in summer or autumn. 

What’s your idea of the ideal hairstyle and makeup on the wedding day? Let me know in the comments!


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