Category: Italy and It’s culture

Wedding in Italy: 7 traditions you should know

Do you have Italian heritage? Or do you love everything Italian and want your wedding to reflect local values and lifestyle? If you want to bring your love for Italian culture into your wedding ceremony, here are some authentic Italian traditions that …

4-Course Italian Dinner for a Romantic Date with Tuscan Chef Alessio Sedran

Can’t wait to visit Italy? Do you miss the alchemy of Italian flavours? Well, Italian cuisine might be closer than you think!  Even if you don’t know when you will be able to visit Italy again, it doesn’t mean that you have …

How Italians Do things – Expectations Vs. Reality

If Ciao Bella, grazie and arrivederci are on your list of Italian words; if you love ordering Parmesan-crusted chicken or Fettuccine Alfredo at your favorite Italian restaurant and every morning you take your Venti Coconut Milk Latte with two stevias, you probably …

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