This step by step process is assuming that both individuals getting married are British nationals and residents in the UK.

What you need to do in the UK:

Step 1: Get your CNI (Certificate of No Impediments)

The first thing to do is find your local office or Registrar. I have made it easier for you to find this information here, please click the area that you live in below:

England and Wales


Northern Ireland

Did you find your local Registrar? Great! Now, you must give them your notice of intention to marry in Italy. You can give them this notice no more than six months before your wedding in Italy (or 3 months if you’re in Scotland).

– After you give them your notice, they will post your request for a short period of time (usually from 15 to 20 days) and afterward (assuming that no one has objected to your marriage), they will issue a document to you known as the CNI (certificate of no impediments), signed and dated by your local registrar. They will give you two copies, one for the bride and one for the groom.

– Please make sure that your names in your CNI are the same as in your passports.

Step 2: Download your Bilingual Statutory Declaration

When you are waiting for your CNI, you can download your bilingual Statutory Declaration here and proceed to fill it out.

Step 3: Send your CNI and your Bilingual Statutory Declaration to the Foreign & Commonwealth Legislation Office

Now that you have your CNI and Bilingual Statutory Declaration, send them both to the Foreign & Commonwealth Legislation Office to be legalized with an apostille for the Italian authorities. You can do it online. Each document costs £30 and can be legalized and sent to you within 48 hours.


What you need to do once you get to Italy:

Step 4: Translate your CNI to Italian

– After your documents have been legalized, you will need to translate the CNI officially in Italy. Here’s a list of translators. The translation has to be recognized by the Italian courts, and, if you prefer, I can help you with that!

– The Statutory Declaration does not need to be translated since it is already written in both languages, English and Italian.

Step 5: Send your documents to the Town Hall where the wedding will take place, or to your Wedding Planner.

– Send your documents to the Townhall where you intend to get married, or directly to your wedding planner by courier or registrar post.

– If you are doing this process by yourself, make sure that you ask the Townhall how many days before your wedding you will need to be in Italy for the final statement at the Department of Vital Records, complete with your passports and with any additional documentation that they will need.

That’s it! You’re done and now ready to live happily ever after!

Obviously, I can help and guide you through this process, and assist you every step of the way, so if you are ready to get legally married in Italy, contact me now!


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