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In the last week “Sposi Magazine”, one of the leading Italian wedding journals, organized “Bridal Fashion Talks”. Top Italian Bridal designers gave professional opinions and advice about new wedding gown collections, tendencies, and the inspiration behind them. I summed it up for you in this blog post. If you want to get married in Italy, you can’t miss these fashion trends and wedding dresses insights.


Alessandra Rinaudo

Creative Director Pronovias

On Monday Alessandra Rinaudo, Chief Creative Director at Pronovias, presented the new Cruise Collection Atelier Pronovias 2021. In conceiving it, she was inspired by the elegance and glamour of iconic Pronovias wedding gowns and by Hollywood red carpet dresses. Alessandra wants her brides to feel like stars going to a movie premiere.  From the “jacket gown” to the dress with large sleeves, every detail was updated to create glamorous, refined outfits and to emphasize the bride in an elegant way. 

The Pronovias dress becomes an haute couture piece, an elegant artwork of jewelry. At the same time, it expresses the personality of the bride who wears it. This is a collection for contemporary, independent women. 

Italian wedding tailoring tradition is present too, through fine fabrics and sophisticated details. Pronovias gowns vary from lighter chiffon to more fluid organza to create beautiful poetry in walking. The exclusive lace, very dear to Alessandra, is used to form unique designs with abstract modern but also romantic glamour themes. 

The 2021 collection has gowns for every age, type of ceremony and body shape, from the minimal dress in crepe with architectural motives, to the mermaid wedding gown that caressed the body to create a new, feminine fluidity of the silhouette without being ostentatious. 

Alessandra’s attention to the details shines through her total look creations, where sleeves, veil and accessories form a unique togetherness to show refinement and elegance. Her main advice: the wedding dress should represent the image the bride has of herself. 

Who do you want to be on your wedding day? Fashionable, spectacular casual, sensual, or refined? Pronovias 2021 collection has a perfect dress for all these messages.


Francesco Pignatelli

Creative director at Carlo Pignatelli

On Tuesday “Sposi Magazine” spoke with Francesco Pignatelli – creative director at Carlo Pignatelli. They are currently working to adjust their schedule to their clients’ needs. There are likely to be more weddings in winter, so they are adding shrugs, jackets, and accessories. 

Their 2021 collection brings a note of novelty. It is veiled and delicate, with soft colors to convey a touch of freshness. Every desire will be satisfied – there are prints, feathers, Swarovski crystals, and a general feeling of novelty and celebration. When asked what inspired him, Francesco smiles: “Barbie. Sorry, I can’t say more than that… for now”. The grooms’ collection is innovative as well, with unusual autumn and forest-inspired colors. 

Carlo Pignatelli brand uses harmless, eco-friendly fabric dyes. They care about the environment and aim to stimulate responsible buying. 

Their spouses are established, conscious men and women in their thirties, who appreciate the security and know the value of what they are buying. Pignatelli offers the best made in Italy quality to assure it. 



Gino Signore

Maison Signore

On Wednesday it was the turn of Gino Signore – the administrator of Maison Signore, a brand that exports Italian wedding gowns worldwide. They are always very prolific thanks to their annual contests for young designers who bring fresh ideas to their bridal salons. 

They have 4 collections for 2020 and are thinking to bring some of those dresses in 2021. As Gino puts it, true quality is timeless, as well as their unique, authentic haute couture wedding dresses. 

What is in their collections? Everything, from transformer gowns to “Capsule” collection – a dozen of unique pieces, tops, skirts, and much more. They try to meet every taste, from a more minimalistic Northern Europe to the US, where they are very appreciated. How do tastes change throughout the United States? A lot, their official dealer in the US, Klienfield, sells from the simplest to the most extravagant dresses. 

Who is a Maison Signore bride? She loves having a unique dress. In fact, some brides want the Signore team to design a handmade wedding gown for them exclusively, a service their salons provide willingly. This kind of personalized attention is the strength of Italian manufacturers. 

Maison Signore still maintains the secret of ancient Italian finishing touches. They also care to create a genuine connection, treating brides as family. Both of these things are timeless and increase their popularity. 


Enzo Miccio

Designer at Enzo Miccio Bridal

Enzo was radiant and positive, willing to start working again after the lockdown break. A third of his brides postponed the wedding, but he is sure winter weddings are as beautiful as summer ones. You can incorporate snow and fire into your wedding and make it unforgettable. They are already working for winter solutions for the wedding gowns – sleeves, collars, overcoats, fur coats, long gloves you can’t have in summer. 

He is not worried about the 2021 collection, his dresses are evergreen. Grace Kelly’s wedding gown is still a dream one for many women after 54 years. In Enzo’s expert opinion a bride has to choose the dress that makes her heart smile. 

The 2021 collection has been postponed but Enzo is thinking about alternative ways to present it to the public – probably online. He said he wouldn’t reveal the details of the new collection  even under torture, but he assured they work on their gowns until every fold is perfect. When a wedding dress fits perfectly, 90% of his work is accomplished. 

Since he works with brides internationally, he revealed how tastes change worldwide. His dresses are considered too minimalist in the Middle East but most Europeans and Americans love them. In his experience, American brides don’t like lace and embroidery, they prefer luxurious mikado fabric with high-quality details. 

His collections are suitable also for brides who want to change the dress after the ceremony. He has many transformer wedding gowns and his advice is to change also makeup and hairstyle to create a different image for a total restyling.


Elena Bellantuono

Designer at Bellantuono Bridal Group

Elena is glad to be back to work and already full of ideas for weddings that will be postponed. On the brides who get married in winter, she envisions moire ponchos, wrap-about cardigans, or cashmere hats. 

She is also preparing some outstanding symbolic details, like a brooch. It can be a diamond, a silk flower, or, why not, an embroidered circlet. In Elena’s vision, it can act as a bridge to renewal. It will remind of these times and serve as an accessory the bride brought into her new life. 

She doesn’t believe in wedding gown trends, for her a dress is an expression of the bride’s identity. For the 2021 collection, Bellantuono decided to stop the time and to create a refreshing, timeless collection, to remember this period. They will add a dozen of pieces for a consistent refreshing capsule to give a continuum and put even more life to their collection. 

They have four collections. The first one, Blumarine, recently acquired by Liu Jo, is romantic and contemporary. The second, Roberto Cavalli, celebrates sexy looks – the necklines and mermaid dresses highlight the body. Bellantuono collection reminds of the Fifties – haute couture and elegant. Carlo Pignatelli, whose designer, Francesco Pignatelli, we met earlier this week, is their fourth collection. Every dress in it has its own personality that starts from Francesco’s vision. 

Bellantuono is always looking for gorgeous fabrics, from inlaid embroidered organza to the ecologic fleece. This year they expanded the palette, from mauve to peony pink besides their classical colors. Elena states it clearly, they do a lot of research and work very hard to achieve the best quality. 

Who is the Bellantuono bride? A cultured, elegant woman with inner romanticism, daring but not aggressive, kind, and self-confident through her genuine feelings.    


Andrea Sedici

Wedding Gowns Designer

On Saturday “Sposi Magazine” met Andrea Sedici – one of the youngest bridal fashion designers, ex-Armani. After having spent the quarantine sewing masks to donate to hospitals, he is very confident about the future. 

He confirms other designers’ thoughts: your bridal gown does not go out of fashion, it is eternal, like the Colosseum. For winter weddings he suggests choosing the dress you connected with emotionally and to wear an elegant high neck peacoat in cashmere. 

His inspiration for the new collection came from revisiting the Twenties in a modern key, based on his latest inspiration is the Museum of the Italian Belle Epoque painter Boldini. After visiting it, Andrea decided to create eternal wedding gowns. His collection starts from the Twentieth-century fashion but it is definitely modern. His brides bring contemporary grit and confidence to his gowns. He wants his creations to be seen as pieces of art, fashionable even in one hundred years from now. He achieves it by transforming the volume of a gown and creating an original structure. Andrea wants to accentuate the beauty and the attitude of the brides who wear his dresses. 

For accessories, he chooses antiques too. His favorite is family jewelry, that has emotional value and adds even more to the bride’s uniqueness and history. 

As for fabrics, like a true romantic, he loves lace for its clean and sophisticated details. It makes him dream, but also does silk. He works only with quality fabrics. 

Does Andrea contrast the tradition? Partly yes, he likes warm colors, like pale pink, sometimes even mixed colors. If the bride wants a short wedding dress or bridal trousers, he has the right outfit for her. The trousers can be as sophisticated and elegant as the classic wedding dress. He values Italian tradition too though, he would never use strong colors. 

His ideal bride is very sensitive and attentive to details, she loves quality and wants to feel good about herself. She is confident and likes to see her image in the mirror, she doesn’t dress for others. 





I hope you enjoyed the latest tendencies from Italian bridal fashion and thank you so much, Sposi Magazine! 

Most 2021 collections dresses will be available in stores from December 2020.

Did you choose your wedding gown already? Comment below!     


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