The perfect flowers for your wedding in Tuscany

Choosing the flowers for your wedding day is one of the most exciting parts of the planning. But how to do it for a destination wedding in Tuscany? I have a few pieces of advice that will help you make your special day atmosphere perfect and suit your taste and personality.


Start from your mood board

Your wedding flowers should be consistent with the main colors of your wedding. Choose your palette before everything else, because many details will depend on it. Usually, the flowers are complementary with the 2 or 3 main colors of your wedding concept.

Once you define your mood board, see the colors that fit and go from there.


Define the type of ceremony

All the elements of your wedding must work holistically to create an atmosphere of harmony. 

For example, a luxury wedding doesn’t fit well with the wildflowers. If you are getting married in a rustic location, filling the whole place with garden roses with almost no greenery will probably feel like it is part of a different scenery.



Define the type of table for your dinner reception

The decorations will depend on the table types, this is why you need to sort that out first. 

For roundtables, we usually put one centerpiece. For long tables, we can alternate decorations, or put smaller ones and fewer of them. 

Having long tables gives you more flexibility than the round tables, as you can play around with different objects and put things between the elements while having roundtables means that you must have one mandatory centerpiece no matter what.




Choose your wedding dress first

Your bouquet, which will be an important part of your wedding day and photos, has to look great with your wedding gown and your stature, because getting the right shape of the bouquet that matches your body and silhouette, will highlight your wedding look in a positive way.

How to ensure this? Just send your florist a photo of you wearing your wedding dress from the try on. A good professional will take care of everything from there.



Choose in-season flowers 

Choosing in-season flowers besides budget reasons is always the best option because in-season flowers are bigger,  fresher, and smell better. If you want your flowers to look spectacular, your best option is to follow the seasons.

Luckily Italy offers a variety of flowers during each season, from roses and peonies in spring to dahlia, lily or hydrangea in autumn.

Consider the greenery

Be picky with the greenery, even if it is not as precious as the flowers of course, but choosing the wrong greenery can make your wedding look luxurious or very affordable. Always ask your florist what type of greenery he/she is pretending to use, this is so important! 



Trust your florist

They know about compositions, a lot! Not only do they provide their know-how and creativity, but also the logistics, the staff, and keeping flowers fresh and radiant throughout the whole day, cleaning afterward included. They also provide containers and vases that best fit your concept.

The art of flowers requires professionals who will take care of the details, like making your table composition at the right height, so your guests can see each other and talk, who will get the right bouquets for the bridesmaids or will suggest the flowers that will best fit your mood board, whether natural-looking or luxury ones.

A florist will also ensure that your open bar or cake tables will be properly decorated. A good one will also provide creative solutions, like a magnet if the groom does not want the buttonhole to pierce his jacket or recreating a garden for a bride who wants a greenery-only wedding. 

Florists can get really creative and include fruit, branches, lights, scrolls, candles into your wedding concept to better fit your wishes and personality.

Flowers play an important part in the wedding, so the professionals I work with know exactly how to emphasize your special day to make it magical and unique. 


Which are your favorite wedding flowers? Let me know in a comment below!


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