Don’t hire a videographer for your destination wedding in Italy!

If you, as many couples that come to me, think that you don’t need a video of your wedding day and photos are just fine, this post is meant to reassure you. Yes, you can have wedding photos only if you hire the best photographers, there is no big deal about it.


Videos are boring, right?

You have probably seen a few of those wedding videos at your relatives’ or friends’ house. They are way too long, you see the vows, then all those people eating and having fun and it gets boring after five minutes or so even if it is a wedding you attended. 

These videos are cheesy and kitsch, so you just sit there for an hour smiling politely while hoping for it to end, right? Why would you want any of those for your wedding? Of course you don’t!


How wedding videos changed

Except… that’s not how videos are done lately. So many things did evolve in the last decade. Our cell phones, social media use, and… wedding videos! Now they are captivating and highly-professional. 

You get a 5 minutes teaser you can post on social media and the wedding highlights. The whole video is usually half an hour long and you see the most emotional and interesting moments. No first plans of the guests while they eat or other trivialities, I promise! 

Videographers now even use drones that show your wedding ceremony from an amazing angle. When you plan a destination wedding in Tuscany, you want to be able to see all its beauty afterwards, the location you chose with so much attention, the amazing sunset of your special day, the famous lines of cypress trees that are a symbol of Tuscany… you will enjoy reliving it all again!


What makes me emotional during a wedding

I want to share a personal story with you. I often become emotional when I see the first look the bride exchanges with her dad when he first sees her in the wedding dress. There’s a reason for this. 

Months before my own wedding, I received a call from my family in Mexico, saying my dad had an incurable disease. I didn’t make it in time to even see him before he passed away. He couldn’t walk me down the aisle, he didn’t see me in a wedding dress. I wasn’t lucky enough to have that look of understanding and proudness, and I am so glad when the brides I work with do. 

Photos are very important and they can surely transmit many emotions but only a video can show the intensity of a look like this, will ensure you’ll remember the jokes your bridesmaids said, the speeches your most important people gave, the magical Italian atmosphere of your wedding and so much more. 


So, should you hire a videographer?

So, as I said, you can skip hiring a videographer for your destination wedding in Italy… if you don’t want to remember all these emotions, looks, speeches, amazing Tuscany landscapes, and the opportunity to be able to live all that magic again years after. 

If done properly, by a professional videographer, your wedding video can become a “safe place” to turn to after a difficult day, or something to show to your children or friends after a dinner party in your house with them being happy and excited about it! 

It can also help you connect to your beloved ones and remember how happy they were during this very special day for your family. It is totally worth it, trust me!


Do you want to have a videographer for your wedding? 

Let me know in the comments!


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