Like many other Tuscan cities, Arezzo is filled with beautiful things to see and can be the perfect wedding location for those who want to experience: romance, charm, and delicious cuisine on their wedding day. Located South East of Florence, Arezzo was an important Etruscan city that was conquered by the Romans in the 4th Century BC. It is now a popular location for holidaymakers, and couples looking to exchange their vows, as well as one of the filming locations for the 1997 film masterpiece by Roberto Benigni: Life is Beautiful.


Some of the main sights within the city include: Piazza Grande, Santa Maria della Pieve, Cathedral of Arezzo, The Communal Palace of Arezzo, and several other breathtaking palaces and grand churches that can be located within and surrounding the city. Also found within the city, are many top-rated bars, restaurants, and hotels to suit your fancy. Check out “Discover Tuscany” to learn more about this beautiful Tuscan town, from where to go, places to stay and things to do!

If you are thinking about getting married in Arezzo and haven’t found the perfect venue for your special day, keep reading to find the location perfect for you!

For Civil Ceremonies: Located in the heart of Arezzo city center, in front of Piazza Della Libertà is the Town Hall of Arezzo as well as an ornate building called Palace of The Lay Fraternity. Both of these venues are perfect locations to perform your civil ceremony and within walking distance to all the great sights in Arezzo. There are also other small town halls that are beautiful! as the one of Lucignano.


For Religious Ceremonies: Arezzo is home to many Roman Catholic churches and religious sites, where it is possible for you to exchange your vows with your loved one. Remember to consult with a local priest and book your church in advance, before setting any other wedding plans, to ensure your spot!


For an un-traditional Wedding Venue: The best part about Arezzo, is the stunning and natural beauty that can be found outlining the cobblestone streets and brick buildings of the city center. There are countless picturesque palaces, villas and hilltop castles for you to choose from for an untraditional wedding venue in Arezzo, that can accommodate all your wedding needs.



If you like the idea of getting married in Arezzo or need some help finding the perfect venue for you, don’t hesitate to contact me, to start the planning of your fairytale wedding in Italy, we would love to help make your wedding dreams come true!

A presto!


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