5 Reasons to Choose a Countryside Wedding in Italy

The Italian countryside is one of the most desired wedding destinations for Italian and foreign couples. Many couples realize that if choosing between the city and the countryside, the latter has so many pros, from a more relaxed atmosphere to genuine, very hospitable people who will go above and beyond to make your Italian wedding experience unique and remarkable. 


Here are 5 reasons to choose a countryside wedding in Italy:

1. Stunning nature and landscapes

Italy is definitely spoiled by Mother Nature, will all the spectacular gifts, from the rolling hills to the scenic beaches that will give you some of the best views you have ever seen. 

Imagine having your wedding in a villa in the countryside, watching the sunset change the colors of the hills nearby, and enjoying every shade of it. 

Here, in the land of the dolce vita – sweet life, you will be able to indulge in the best sceneries you can only see in movies and become part of them during your wedding day. 

For example, in the Siena area, you will be able to see the amazing land color that only exists here and that gave the origin the world-famous Sienna color

From the vineyards to the cypress lines and olive trees, Italy and especially Tuscany, will make your eyes and mind rest and admire the wonders that will take your breath away. Trust me, there’s a reason if Italy hosts 55 UNESCO World heritage sites, more than any other country in the world!

Siena landscapes are truly astonishing, it is Tuscany as you dreamt about it and the one you saw in movies. The countryside near Florence has famous rolling hills and olive trees. Lucca is wider, with pine forests near the sea and the views that change as you approach it. 



2. Relaxing atmosphere

Italy is the best place to finally relax and enjoy slow, authentic life, especially if you live in a busy city. To fully feel its effect I recommend spending at least a full week here, so you can switch from coffee-to-go and deadlines to long lunches, chats during coffee, afternoons by the swimming pool or on the beach, trekking roots, thermal baths as if you were an Ancient Roman aristocrat (but in the contemporary luxury environment) and so much more. 

The Italian countryside is the perfect place to relax and prepare for your wedding ceremony, or to spend some time recalling how perfect and fun it was with your beloved one and your guests. Don’t miss this unique experience that will make you closer to the ones you will share it with.




3. Genuine and authentic Italian food

Pizza and pasta but not only. From the Florentine steak to the famous Tuscan soups in the hinterland, or fish and the seafood near the sea, Tuscany countryside will surprise you with so many local dishes you had no idea about. Italians generally value the quality of food very much, but this is especially true for the countryside.

Here most of the food is produced locally, “at km 0” as Italians love to say. No frozen food, no supermarket food, you might actually discover that your favorite Italian dish tastes differently in Italy. The highest quality olive oil makes everything taste even better.

If this post made you hungry, but you are not in Italy yet, here is a romantic dinner idea from an actual Italian chef you can try at home. It will do great for a home date or an anniversary. 



4. World-famous Italian wines

Italian regions that are world-famous for their wines are Piedmont and, of course, Tuscany. Every wine lover has indulged in the poetic taste of a Chianti wine. It is created in the spectacular countryside located on the route of wine where this Gods’ nectar has been created for the past centuries.

What is better than trying a wine produced locally during your memorable wedding toasts? You can use a bottle of your favorite wine for a lovely ritual or as a wedding gift for your guests to enjoy during your stay. 

It would be a perfect pair with something made by the local artisans who respect the secular traditions that are often found in the small medieval villages that still hold their secret.



5. Fascinating activities

The Italian countryside is perfect for every kind of person. If you love sports and trekking, you will find many amazing itineraries and ideas in the countryside, from cycling or horse-riding to tennis, kayaking, or windsurf.

If you love history and art, you will find several small borgos and villages, all with local specialties to visit and to enjoy.

If you are a foodie, you can do cooking classes or wine-tasting or get adventurous with an actual truffle-hunting, an experience you won’t forget.



What if you just want to relax and do nothing? You can spend your days on the beach, by the swimming pool, or just admiring the rolling hills that have delighted Dante and Michelangelo and now are here for you to enjoy.

Whatever you and your guests like, it can be done in the Italian countryside, this is what makes it a unique destination for your wedding ceremony. 

Do you want to live this traditional and authentic Italian experience on your wedding day stress-free and to ensure it will be perfect and tailored for you? Contact me, I will be happy to assist and help you organize it and make your dreams come true.

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