The Best Italian Villas For Your Unique Wedding Day!

Are you dreaming of a luxurious wedding in an actual Italian villa? Then this post is for you! Discover what a villa is, what are the pros of a wedding in the villa, and how are Italian villas different, from the services they offer, to the historical epochs.


What makes an Italian house a villa?

Let’s start with history. A villa was originally an ancient Roman upper-class country house. Since only wealthy families could afford them, they became more and more impressive and followed the trends of the Epoque and the taste and interests of their inhabitants.

For modern Italians, a villa is an elegant residence surrounded by an elaborate Italian or English garden, park, or woods. The villa could be urban or rustic, it might have the master house and several other houses and, as we will see, even villages nearby. 

Many villas in Italy and especially Tuscany have inestimable historical value. Some of them are private, others belong to the State and can be visited anytime. Since the Middle Ages, every opulent family wanted to show their grandeur through their villas or towers.

Tuscany was the cradle of culture and travel, home of many world-famous religious leaders, aristocratic families, and artists, so you can literally breathe history and art in the local villas, perfect for your wedding ceremony and reception.


Wedding in a villa in Italy – pros

The best part of a wedding in a villa is that you can literally feel like part of a long tradition of a luxurious lifestyle. Spoil yourself and your guests as Italian aristocratic families used to. 

It is quite regenerating to wake up for some days in a row being surrounded by frescoes, elegant furniture, and well-curated Mediterranean or English gardens that will make the best atmosphere for exchanging vows, together with floral arrangements perfect for your unique wedding design concept.

Weddings in a villa are all the best that traditional Italy has to offer. Besides the comfortable environment, many of the villas have amazing stories. Imagine staying in the same as someone of the Medici family and becoming part of history. You can do so in Italy!

Italy has an incredibly rich cultural patrimony with 55 UNESCO sites. You can choose between hundreds of villas, the one that is perfect for your wedding. 

Some of them, especially the ones that host important artistic masterpieces might have more restrictions, others won’t. Some villas are open for tourists and it might be more difficult organizing your time schedule with the vendors. Some wills are suitable for ceremonies only, while others become boutique hotels that offer luxurious accommodation and will go above and beyond to make your wedding in Italy unique and memorable. 

The villas that belong to the State are usually open to the public and have several restrictions for decorations and time schedules. It might be worth it because of the breathtaking views and pieces of art they hold. You should also have insurance that covers eventual damages, which can be quite high if the place hosts an important part of the Italian artistic heritage.

Many places in Italy have their local rules. For example, in Lucca it is not possible for foreigners to have a church wedding, the local administration provides some beautiful villas for your civil wedding. I wrote more about them in my post about weddings in Lucca

The ideal villa of your dreams is waiting for you.  Who knows, maybe you will find it in this post?


Italian villas perfect for your wedding 

Let’s see some of the Italian villas that are perfect for your wedding ceremony. As you will see, they are different. Some of them can boast incredible vivid frescoes, fine finishes, and relaxing gardens, others are more minimal but are famous for their historical value. 

Services and locations might change, but all of them offer the authentic luxurious Italian wedding experience for your special day.

Let’s have a trip all throughout Italy to discover the best villas for your wedding. 


Villa Cimbrone (Ravello – Amalfi coast)

Hotel Villa Cimbrone is a prestigious Hotel de Charme located south of Naples. The splendor and ambiance of traditional Italy permeate this 12th-century residence. Villa Cimbrone is considered among the most important examples of the English landscape and botanic culture in South Europe. 

Many historical figures, from the German historian Gregorovious to the Italian book author and scenarist Pierpaolo Pasolini used to admire its beauty and the incredible view of the sea from the plateau where it stands.

It is the perfect location for all kinds of events and hosted several weddings and movie scenes.



Belmond Villa San Michele (Fiesole, Florence)

This gorgeous villa is located near Florence and is a boutique hotel. Nestled between the famous rolling hills, this former medieval monastery captures perfectly the elegance and atmosphere of Florence. 

Blending XIV century art with the region’s ethereal beauty, Belmond Villa San Michele is quite inspiring and perfect for a wedding ceremony. 

The facade of the villa, attributed to Michelangelo, is hugged by lush woodland and terraced gardens. From there you can gaze down across Florence to the Chianti hills where the best Italian wine is produced.




Il Borro by Ferragamo (Arezzo, Tuscany)

This special villa that belongs to Salvatore Ferragamo’s family is located in Arezzo. It is located above a small medieval village, incorporated into the villa that hosts local gold and jewelry artisans.

The villa itself was built in 1854 and it belonged to Duke Amedeo d’Aosta. It has 10 exquisitely decorated double bedrooms. If you have in mind a big wedding, don’t worry, you can rent the village too. I wrote more about this location in my blog post about 5 unique wedding venues in Tuscany, check it out if you are looking up to an exclusive fashion wedding.


Villa Cetinale (Siena, Tuscany)

Let’s move to this XVII century villa near Siena, Italy. Designed in the Roman Baroque style, the villa as we see it today was built in 1680 for Pope Alexander VII but its history is much more ancient. Cetinale was originally a farmhouse, built on ruins from an Etrurian settlement in the IX century B.C.

Its gardens are renowned as being amongst the most beautiful in Italy. They are filled with climbing roses, irises, lilies, irises, covered with wisteria in spring. Of course, there are the famous Tuscan cypress lines, olive trees, vineyards, and wildflowers but also the citrus garden that delights the eye all year long. 

The owners organize painting courses and other typical Tuscan activities




Villa Medici (Lilliano, Tuscany)

Villa Medici, which raises on the foundations of an XI century watchhouse, is an inspiring setting for exceptional events. The terrace of the villa can host an aperitif overlooking the Duomo of Florence or an evocative sunset dinner in their delightful gardens. You can dance or cut the cake in their historic Limonaia (lemon garden) courtyard.

Sumptuous baroque decorations, incredibly beautiful gardens, and the view of the surrounding hills will make your wedding day unforgettable.

The villa licensed by the Italian state to perform official civil weddings on the estate.




Villa Aurelia (Rome)

Villa Aurelia located on the famous Gianicolo hill in Rome offers a breathtaking view over the Eternal City. Built-in the XVII century by the Farnese family it used to be the headquarter of general Garibaldi who contributed to the Italian unification. The luxurious villa now belongs to the American Academy in Rome. 

The beauty of its gardens, the incredible view of Rome that opens from here, and the variety of its luxurious spaces available make Villa Aurelia an ideal location for high-level events, like weddings. Because love tied in the Eternal City cannot be but eternal as well.



Villa Gamberaia (Florence)

Villa Gamberaia, built in the early 1600s, is located over the Florence hills and famous for its magnificent gardens. Its position, about a fifteen-minute drive from the city center, overlooking the Arno valley where Leonardo da Vinci was born is quite exceptional.

The design of its incredible garden and its location has been celebrated by historians of architecture and landscape architects over the centuries. 

The villa and its luxurious rooms are perfect for impressive wedding ceremonies for Tuscan lovers.




Villa del Balbianello (Como lake)

This lovely villa on Como lake is part of FAI (National Trust of Italy) and a refined and romantic villa.

Its beautiful spaces of the villa overlooking the lake are a rare and precious setting for exclusive receptions and weddings, it can host civil or symbolic wedding ceremonies, aperitifs, or dinners for up to 150 guests.

The villa and its magnificent garden were the spots for many film productions and advertising and it hosted many stars. 




Villa Corsini Mezzomonte (Chianti, Tuscany)

This incredibly sophisticated villa has XVII century delicate frescoes, historic Italian and English gardens, vineyards, olive trees, and so more. Here you can enjoy both romantic sunsets among flowers and fresh moments of relaxation in the shade of centuries-old trees.

If you are in the area, don’t miss its main hall: one of the most impressive frescoed halls in Tuscany, frescoed in 1631 by Pandolfo Sacchi and Domenico Cresti is known as “Il Passignano”.

The perfect mix between history, art, food, and nature, this villa will surely surprise you.



Did you find the villa of your heart? Contact me to arrange your perfect wedding, I am happy to help!


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