Design and Decor for your wedding in Italy

Congratulations, you said yes! The next step after celebrating the news with your friends is usually frantically looking for inspirational photos on Pinterest. You save mood boards, you change colors, and you usually leave the website days later, even more confused, with so many ideas to order in your head.

As I said in my post about wedding design, creating a decoration and design concept for a wedding day requires responsibility and knowledge.


First of all, take into consideration that you will find beautiful professional photos with amazing close-up you will fell in love with on Pinterest, but that photo won’t necessarily look the same way in real life. Pinterest is a great instrument for inspiration and mood boards, but there are a few things you need to know first to make the most out of it. Here are some questions I use in my work to help couples define some things that matter before they start using Pinterest for wedding design and decorations ideas.



What do you like?

Is your couple casual, fashionable, or classy? Do you like luxury, rustic style or nature and countryside? Are you a wild dancer or do you prefer cozy home parties? 

First of all, when I meet a couple, I ask them lots of questions to understand what they are like and what their personality is. Your wedding should definitely reflect your inner self and your vibes if you want it to be memorable. It should be about you as a couple and every detail of the wedding from stationery to decorations should tell something about what matters to you, your values, taste, and unique energy.

If you are organizing your wedding concept by yourself, be sure it reflects not only what you like, but who you really are.

I can’t emphasize enough how important this is. If you follow this advice, in 10 years from now your guests will still remember your wedding day as the best they’ve ever attended. Trust me, after 13 years as a wedding planner and designer I can tell!


What is your wedding location?

Many decoration details depend on your wedding venue. The design and the location must create an organic synergy to astonish your guests and to look good in photos. The lights are a very important element to take into account, as well as valorizing all the spaces.



Everything needs to follow a single style line, from the stationery to the gifts or favors for your guests. Nothing should look out of place. It may seem easy in other people’s photos online, but trust me, creating a single concept that communicates something about you requires conscious effort and professionalism. 


What is your idea of Italy?

Another very important thing is to ask yourself why you chose Italy for your destination wedding? What is the idea of Italy you have? What is your favorite Epoque? Ancient Rome, Renaissance, Dolce vita, traditional Italy? What do you love about this amazing country? The landscape, the sea, the rolling hills, fashion, and luxury or art cities and picturesque ruins? Italy can have so many faces, elegant, rustic, natural, what is your favorite?


What I usually do in my work is to highlight the natural beauty of Italy with its cypress lines, rolling hills, art, history, and traditions. In ten or twenty years from now a huge dome made of flowers won’t tell you got married in Italy, a typical Tuscan landscape will. 


I always recommend adding Italy’s natural appeal, not to hide it with overproduction. Enhance landscapes and use seasonal flowers because they look and smell better than the ones out of season. I wrote more about this in my post about the best flowers for your wedding.



What are the colors you want to use?

Another question that helps me define a wedding design concept is a color palette. I ask the couple to decide on a minimum of 3 colors they want to see on their wedding day. 

Some couples start with a single color, but this is not realistic and doesn’t look great in photos. Even if you want an all-white wedding palette, you will still need some gold, silver, or wood elements to add to the main color. 


Now when you know all these things, you can go on Pinterest and start exploring. If you want a unique wedding design that will truly reflect your personality and Italy, contact me, I will be happy to create it with you!

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