How to pamper your guests during your destination wedding in Italy?

What do you need to know when it comes to your guests during a destination wedding in Italy? As I always say to the couples I work with, the weddings people most remember are the ones where every detail was carefully thought of and where they felt taken care of. How to deal with your guests during every phase of a destination wedding and what to consider? Here is what you need to know.

The number of guests

On average about 30% of invitees won’t attend a destination wedding. So, if you want to celebrate your wedding day with 100 people, consider inviting 130. Knowing how many guests will actually attend is very important in location choice. 

This is why it is a good idea to send a “save the date” about 9-10 months before the wedding day to be aware as soon as possible who will be able to join you on your special day. 


Who pays for your guests?

This is a question I get asked a lot. Who pays for the guests during a wedding? For what concerns the wedding itself and the events, like the welcome dinner, the spouses do.

There are 3 main formulas for what concerns accommodation though. Here is what you can do:

– Pay 100% for your guests’ accommodation, so they have to pay for the plane ticket only. This formula is great if you want to see people who wouldn’t come otherwise.

– Rent a whole venue with a special formula and let your guests pay for the accommodation. This can be very convenient and also relaxing, since you will have your own oasis all for yourselves and your guests won’t have to pay much. In some cases 5 stars hotels cost like 3 stars or even less with this formula. What many couples are not aware of is that some venues apply a “wedding fee” for employing more staff during a wedding to make sure everything goes smoothly. Check this in advance.

– Split the payment, so you pay 50% and the guests pay the other 50% so both of you help each other. 

One formula is not better than others, choose the one that suits you more. Make it crystal clear as soon as possible, so your guests know what to expect. 


Plus ones

A destination wedding is perfect for not inviting your aunt’s best friend or some other people you definitely won’t miss at your wedding. What is better than spending a long weekend or even a week with your dearest and nearest? 

Anyway, a thing to consider about plus ones is that if there is a friend of yours who doesn’t know anyone and may not fit into the group of your other friends, it is better to invite her partner as well even if you don’t know this person, so your friend feels comfortable. 

Many people don’t feel like going on a vacation to another country without their partners, so this is something you must consider as well.



You have to decide in advance whether you want children at your wedding or not. If you have many friends and relatives with children, excluding them is not a good idea, since many of them won’t come otherwise. 

You can organize many events for children during a wedding, so they can have fun with animation at a table for kids while their parents enjoy the wedding. The venue needs to be suitable for this as well, children want to play and run, and being able to do so safely is crucial.


Details matter

Make sure at a certain point before the wedding you ask for all the dietary restrictions your guests have, so you can provide an alternative menu. 

If there is an elderly person who can’t walk a lot, make sure there is a wheelchair and space for it at the table. If there are small children, there must be a high chair for them near their parents. 

These small details make people feel seen and they don’t forget this easily.


Give your guests all the details

The secret of happy guests is to keep them busy yet relaxed and to make sure every detail is taken care of. 

Leave an Italian gift at the hotel room, so they can find it upon arrival. Organize a welcome dinner they will remember. Provide transportation if the ceremony and the venue are being held in different locations. Give all the travel and wedding information they need on a wedding website in advance. 


How do you plan to pamper your guests during your destination wedding in Italy? Contact me and I will make sure they will remember your wedding as the best they’ve ever attended. 


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