Welcome Dinner and Brunch for your Destination Wedding in Italy

Couples who choose a destination wedding are usually adventurers, unconventional people who prefer a maybe smaller but surely unique and memorable wedding ceremony in the country of their dreams. They stand out from the crowd and do things their way. 

If you dream about Italy, my advice is to spend at least 3 nights here, so your wedding vibes don’t only last a day, you can have a few days of relaxation and spend more time with your favorite people while enjoying traditional authentic Italy.


Welcome dinner for your

destination wedding in Italy

I always recommend organizing a welcome dinner on the day before the wedding. Considering eventual intercontinental flights, jet lag, and driving, it would better be something casual and unconventional. There will be time for lipstick, high heels, and ties on the wedding day. At the welcome dinner, I try to understand better what traditional Italy means for you and your guests, so we can choose the best option. 

Do you imagine it as pasta and pizza? We can have a chef cooking it for you in real-time. Do you love Italian wines? We can organize a wine tasting and a welcome dinner in a Tuscan vineyard. Do you love fashion or art? Dinner in Florence is the best option for you. We can organize it as a traditional Italian market “sagra” with some typical food of the region you chose for your wedding, we can have an Italian musician with a mandolin to delight your guests, you can enjoy the Italian countryside, a romantic trattoria, as I always say, the only limit is your imagination. Italy offers so many amazing experiences that will please everybody!



This is a great occasion to indulge in an Italian experience and relax before the wedding in a casual environment while also showing your guests gratitude for being on this journey with you. 

The welcome dinner is important because it is an occasion for the two families to meet and to get to know each other. On the wedding day, there are so many things to do, photos, preparation, video… it tends to be very frenetic. The rehearsal dinner (as it is also called) is the best moment to catch up with your cousin who lives abroad or to talk to your aunt you haven’t seen in ages. 

My advice is to make it just a dinner, so at 10-11 pm your guests can go rest, we want them to be in their better shape and fully present on your wedding day, without a headache and definitely not dreaming of a nap.



Welcome brunch for your destination

wedding in Italy

After the wedding, a good idea is to have a brunch to thank everybody for being there with you on one of the most important days of your life. You can have a brunch or barbeque by the swimming pool, overlooking the cypress lines and the majestic rolling hills, and having fun with your friends and family.


I recommend making this part as relaxed as you possibly can, so your guests can have fun before going back home or before exploring other Italian destinations, like Rome or Venice. 

You can also have some activities, like a Vespa ride, a cooking lesson or truffle hunting, so your guests can learn more about Italy and live it the way locals do. 

If your activities will be in the countryside, you may have to arrange transportation, if the dinner and brunch are in the city, you can give the address or create a meeting point with minivans to pick the guests up.


Now you have some ideas for your welcome dinner and brunch for your destination wedding in Italy! If you dream of a Tuscan wedding, contact me, I will be happy to make it happen!

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