Italian Wedding Dresses based on Your Body Type

Italian wedding designers are amongst the most famous ones worldwide. Their wedding dresses are real pieces of art that don’t become outdated that reflect typical Italian quality and lifestyle. You’ve been thinking about a destination wedding in Italy? Why not choose a wedding gown made by one of the top bridal designers in Italy? Let’s see the best Italian wedding dresses based on your body type!

Best Italian wedding designers care a lot about their reputation and the value their dresses give to the brides who choose them. They understand what an honor it is to be part of your special day!


How to Choose a perfect Italian wedding dress?

Every silhouette can be highlighted by the right type of dress. Today I want to share with you some knowledge. Let’s see some amazing dresses from the most important Italian bridal fashion gurus and the experience of some of my previous brides. 

All body types are beautiful. Only you know what dress will make your dream. These are mere suggestions that will help you highlight your natural beauty and truly shine on your wedding day. Let’s start!


Triangle shape (Pear)

If you have a small bust, narrow shoulders, and full thighs or hips, you are a triangle shape. This is the most popular shape amongst women. 


wedding dress for body type

If you don’t want to accentuate your hips, choose the wedding dress that draws the attention to your face and shoulders. A great idea is to choose an embellished or detailed bodice. 

Strapless necklace will look just fine on you too! Go either with simple wedding dresses in slipped or flared cuts or highlight your waistline with embroidery or accessories.

The best dress types for this silhouette are: Ball Gown, Dropped Waist, A-line, Empire. 

Unless you want to show the hips, avoid Sheath, Trumpet, Mermaid, Slip dresses. If you want to highlight the difference between your waistline and your bottom, you can opt for a wedding gown fitted around the hips.

Check the Blumarine Sposa collection by Elena Bellantuono or A-line wedding dresses by Pronovias.


photo credit: Pronovias


Inverted Triangle Shape

If you have narrow hips and broad shoulders, curvy and big at the top, you are probably an inverted triangle type.



The most suitable wedding dresses for this body type are the ones that reduce the width of the shoulders, back, and chest. Try a closed neckline and a voluminous skirt, for example. Choose a dress narrow at the top and wide at the hips to balance your silhouette. 

If you have a large bust, you may want to highlight it with a V-neck or use transparent tulle. Halter or Queen Anne necklines are the most recommended.

The best dress types for you are: Tea-length, Princess, Mermaid, and the original Pantsuits.

Avoid Empire dresses. 

Give a look to Alessandra Rinaudo’s Cruise collection for Pronovias or Antonio Riva’s collection for inspiration. 

Rectangle Shape

Do you have a balanced top and bottom, with little or no waist curves? This is the rectangle form. 

wedding dress for rectangle body shape


You can choose dresses that have embellishments or embroidered necklines, shoulders and sleeves.

A good idea is to move towards mermaid dresses or gowns with a wider skirt. Draw the attention upwards: boat or V-necklines, strapless gowns or dresses that leave your back uncovered. Don’t choose a very long skirt, opt for fabrics with a vertical line and show off your legs.

The best dress types for you are: Princess and Mermaid. 

Avoid the Slip wedding dress.

Check Roberto Cavalli collection by maison Bellantuono.



photo credit: Bellantuono Bridal Group for Roverto Cavalli


Rounded shape (Apple)


wedding dress for body type apple


If you have an apple shape, the ideal dress for you is neither too tight nor too pompous. The high belt and slim skirts are the most suitable choices. 

Shift your attention to your bust or shoulders. This is why a good idea is to choose a V-neck or sweetheart neckline.

The best dresses for you are: Empire or Princess wedding gowns that highlight the breasts or A-line silhouette. Tea-length dresses to show your legs could be a good idea too.

Better to avoid, in your case as well, the Slip style.

Check Carlo Pignatelli collection or the short dresses by Nicole Milano to find the best dress for your special day.


photo credit: nicole spose

Hourglass Shape

Women with an hourglass figure are considered to be the luckiest, they generally look great in every kind of dress. 

wedding dress for hourglass shape

If you are one of them, you can wear roughly any kind of dress to highlight your waist. 

The best dresses for you are: The Mermaid wedding dress, that will enhance your bust, hips and waist. Also, the Princess models will be great for you, better if with a sweetheart neckline. 

Avoid the Empire style wedding gown, it will hide your shapes instead of valorizing them.

Give a look into the Maison Signore wedding gowns collection or Pronovias Cruise collection.


wedding gown for hourglass body type

photos: maison signore privee collection

How will you know you found the right Wedding


Remember these are just recommendations, general rules, that don’t apply to every bride.

If you are still hunting for the perfect dress, don’t worry, you will know when you will find the one! Everybody who has witnessed this moment knows it is unforgettable. Your eyes just glow with happiness and you want to keep wearing it forever. 

No shape or advice will change your long-lasting relationship with your gorgeous wedding dress!

Don’t forget the accessories: Italy is famous also for great shoes, veils, gloves, and of course, jewelry.

If you want to learn more about Italian bridal designers, I wrote about some of them here.

 If you didn’t choose your unique wedding dress yet, maybe you should give Italy a chance!


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