5 reasons to choose a symbolic wedding ceremony in Italy

You want to get married in Italy and you are wondering what would be the best option: civil, religious or symbolic ceremony? If you want to enjoy your day freely, with no restrictions, go with the symbolic wedding ceremony in Italy!


What is a symbolic wedding ceremony?

A symbolic wedding ceremony is a non-religious ceremony performed by an officiant. It has no legal meaning and a member of your family or a close friend could officiate it. There are also professional wedding celebrants who will go above and beyond to make your wedding ceremony reflect your taste and personality.

If you don’t wish to get married in a church and the paperwork makes you stressed, this is the ideal option for you. The symbolic wedding ceremony doesn’t have a script, like the civil one, and it is extremely flexible, unlike the religious wedding. Let’s see other pros of a symbolic wedding ceremony.


Pros of a symbolic wedding ceremony

Usually, I mention the pros and cons, but in this case, there are no downsides. The symbolic wedding is perfect for destination weddings because it is stress-free. You can arrive at the beautiful Italian wedding location you chose, and enjoy your personalized wedding ceremony. No paperwork, no translations, no deadlines, it is just you, your love, and your dear guests. Doesn’t it sound amazing?


1. You can have your symbolic wedding anywhere 

What comes to mind when you think about your perfect location? A vineyard, a villa, a beach, or a castle? You can choose anything you like. The only location where you can’t perform a symbolic wedding is a church unless it is a deconsecrated one. 

This is why the symbolic wedding gives you amazing freedom of choice. There are so many possibilities to create unique wedding decorations that tell your love story and really reflect your personality.




2. Your officiant can be a family member or a friend

During the civil wedding, there are some articles of the law that need to be read and the ceremony might sound a bit cold. The officiant doesn’t know the couple and might have dozens of weddings to officiate that day, so there’s not much time left for emotions. A catholic wedding has its restrictions as well.

A symbolic wedding can be officiated by people you love and care about. When someone loves you, they really put the effort into the ceremony and every word is carefully thought of. This is so different from the institutional setting that is usually more rigorous and strict. 



3. Symbolic wedding ceremonies are more intimate

A symbolic wedding ceremony can include the poems you like, the stories from your life and relationship told by your friends, you name it!

When you are surrounded only by the people you love, the wedding day becomes actually about you. This is the most beautiful thing that one can wish for. Trust me, I have seen hundreds of wedding ceremonies. The symbolic weddings are usually funny and emotional at the same time.



4. You can choose the music you want

If you get married in a church, there’s a list of music that you can include. It has to be mostly instrumental and classical. You don’t have any kind of restriction at a symbolic wedding. 

Music is an important part of it. I recommend giving it a thought, by choosing a few songs that matter to you and that you want to be part of your symbolic wedding ceremony.

If you have an unconventional taste or want to listen to that specific pop song that defines you and the love of your life, the symbolic wedding ceremony can give you that.




5. You can include any ritual into your wedding ceremony

Are you pagan, polyamorous, do you love Star Trek or Ancient Rome? Do you want to have the ceremony in two or three languages? Would you like to include personal vows or show a video of your love story? Do you want a luxurious or relaxed ceremony? No matter what your dreams are, a symbolic ceremony can make them true!

You can include any ritual that comes to your mind into a symbolic wedding. This is why most people prefer it over the civil or religious one. It also is more affordable in terms of money, time, and effort. If you want to have a more relaxed wedding timeline, the symbolic ceremony in Tuscany is definitely the right thing for you.




Would you like to have a symbolic wedding ceremony in Italy? Contact me, I will be happy to arrange it!


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