All you need to know about your wedding photographer in Italy

When it comes to a destination wedding, photos and videos are what will create your unique memories for decades, this is why my advice is to choose a videographer and a photographer very carefully. 

It is very important to meet your photographer before the wedding, even in a Zoom call, to feel if you “click”. The photographer will be there in intimate moments, when you put on your wedding dress, during the makeup, eternalizing your first kiss as a married couple. This is why you need to feel at ease with this person.

The photos you see in their portfolio or on Instagram do matter, but they are not enough. Be sure to interview this person very carefully, to be sure you are on the same page.


Questions to ask a wedding photographer

Here are some things that have to be crystal clear before you hire your destination wedding photographer in Italy or any other place:

  1. What does their service include?
  2. For how many hours will they be working?
  3. Do they shoot on film or digitally?
  4. At what time will they arrive?
  5. Do they have an assistant or a second photographer to work with? For smaller weddings up to 40 people two photographers might be enough, for bigger weddings you will need a minimum of three people, so you won’t miss any special moment. Experienced photographers are always one step ahead when it comes to special moments.
  6. Do they prefer spontaneous photography or posing?
  7. How many photos do they provide?
  8. In which form will they provide photos, digital, printed, box photos, a photo album? I always recommend creating the album later.
  9. How much will it take them to deliver the photos after the wedding?
  10. What kind of reportage do they make? Fashion editorial, traditional or documentary? For destination weddings, the details of the location do matter, years later they make you remember the magical atmosphere of your Italian wedding. It is a good idea to choose photographers who won’t take portrait photos only. From table details to group photos, let the photographer know what you want them to focus on what really matters to you.
  11. Do they do an engagement photo session? Before the wedding, some couples prefer to value the location by making some photos in the surroundings, for example in central Florence. This might be a great idea that creates lovely memories for you and your love.italian-wedding-photographer Italian-photographer-wedding


Interview your wedding photographer mostly to be sure you have the same idea of your unique wedding day and that you like them personally. 

Be sure to choose the best professionals, because there is no second chance to create that special atmosphere of happiness and love.


Do you have more questions about wedding photography or about organizing your destination wedding in Italy? Contact me, I will be happy to assist you.

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