Travel and Accommodation for your destination wedding in Italy

As I wrote in today’s Instagram post, in a few days, Italy will have more “libertà” – the Italian word for freedom. We will be able to move between regions, many activities will open again. We are still waiting for news about weddings and events, as I said in the first post I wrote about the coronavirus pandemic, they might be slightly different in the nearest future, but all these are great signals of a gradual return to the normal life we’ve been missing this last year.

If you miss Italy and are looking forward to organizing your destination wedding in Tuscany, be ready! In this post, I will let you know how to carefully prepare your travel and what do you need to know about the accommodation for your wedding.I will let you know how to carefully prepare your travel and what do you need to know about the accommodation for your wedding.


Travel to Italy for your destination wedding

If you want to get married in Tuscany, this region is perfect for you. Florence is one hour away from the sea and one hour away from the mountains, we have beautiful vineyards, art, villas, marvelous rolling hills, and everything you can dream of for an ideal destination wedding.

What do you need to know about your travel? The main airports are in Rome and Milan. Only a few companies have direct flights to Florence. If you have to face an intercontinental flight, consider that to reach Siena from Rome is a 2-hour drive, from Milan a 3-hour drive. Always consider this when you choose your accommodation. 

Other beautiful touristic places have roads that are not easy to drive on, like Amalfi Coast or some places in Southern Italy. Cars are not allowed in Venice, so if you want to organize a wedding there, transportation won’t be easy.

Another thing you need to know is that there is no Uber in Italy and taxis are available only in the main cities, they will be expensive if you will use them to go to the countryside. Public transportation does not work well in some areas. 

The best option is to rent a car but it is better if you book it in advance to be sure it will be available upon arrival. Also check the time when the car rental office is open, in Italy many offices are closed for lunch and after 6 pm.

Another thing you need to know is that taxis in Italy charge starting from the taxi station. If the reception is in a different place from the accommodation, make sure to arrange taxis or shuttle service in advance, in high season there might be no taxis available for hours. 


Accommodation in Italy for your

destination wedding

First of all, consider how do you want your ideal accommodation to be. Do you see yourself in a small villa that can accommodate only your inner circle and where you will be treated like family, a big one with annexes that can host all of your guests or a luxury hotel in a city center? 

The level and the services available will be different, but Italy offers so many options, the only limit is your imagination. 

Many couples prefer to stay in the city center, so their guests can choose the hotel they like. In this case, you will have to book a shuttle service or a taxi concierge service to make sure your guests make it to the wedding ceremony and reception. 

Italian city centers often have limited traffic areas, and cobblestones are not the best idea for high heels, so having transportation arranged is a must to make your guests happy. 

You can have a location for the reception only or the one to accommodate your guests. The last option is easier because your guests can rest, change their shoes, and go to sleep whenever they need. 



If you need to arrange your perfect accommodation, it is easier if you contact a wedding planner who knows Italy and its culture and will be able to make your wedding truly Italian and authentic. Contact me and I will be happy to help you make your dreams come true!


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